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AI generated impression of a digital nomad in South Africa going on safari
Hoedspruit Travel Advice

Digital Nomad Visa in South Africa – A full guide

As of May 20, 2024, South Africa has officially introduced a digital nomad visa, providing a new pathway for remote workers to live and work in the country. This initiative aims to attract digital nomads to boost the local economy, offering a unique opportunity to explore South Africa’s diverse landscapes and cultures while continuing professional activities remotely.

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Top down view of pool and boma
Hoedspruit Travel Advice

Heated pool in Hoedspruit – Luxury or Essential?

When looking for a house or accommodation in Hoedspruit, a question we often get is if a heated pool is necessary. And like many questions, the answer depends. Read more about why we added an energy efficient heat pump to warm the Nomads Den pool and our considerations.

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