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Understanding the POP Challenges with Starlink Roaming Subscription in South Africa

Nomads Den offers a Wifi 6 network with multiple access points (unifi)

Over the past week, we’ve been testing Starlink’s satellite internet at Nomads Den in South Africa. We set it up alongside our existing Telkom fiber connection on our Unifi network, using load balancing. While the connectivity has been impressive, there’s a crucial factor you should consider if you’re thinking of using Starlink’s roaming subscription in South Africa: the issue of Point-of-Presence (POP).

Our First Experiences with Starlink in South Africa

Giraffe checking out starlink in south africa

As detailed in our previous blog, we introduced Starlink to South Africa via the Mozambique Roaming option. As of writing this blog, Starlink has been the sole source of connectivity at Nomads Den for 12 days in a testing setup. Here are our initial impressions and experiences with Starlink while roaming in South Africa.