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Discover Hoedspruit’s Culinary Gems: Our Top Restaurant Picks

Discover Hoedspruit's top dining spots, from The Hogfather's exceptional bites to Arugula's rooftop views. Explore craft beers at The Brewery and savor refined flavors at Hat and Creek. Stay tuned for the latest culinary gems in this vibrant town.

Even with a fully-equipped kitchen at Nomads Den, sometimes you just want to explore Hoedspruit’s vibrant dining scene. The town’s culinary offerings are expanding, and we’ve curated a list of eateries that have captured our hearts and taste buds.

1. The Hogfather (Zandspruit Commercial Center)

Helmed by a seasoned chef from Cape Town, The Hogfather offers an exceptional dining experience that goes beyond traditional South African bush cuisine. It’s an inviting spot for both drinks and delectable bites, with the teriyaki meatballs topping our list of favorites.

2. Arugula (Zandspruit Commercial Center)

Located adjacent to The Hogfather, Arugula—formerly known as The Farmery—stands out for its quality and unique flavors. We recommend securing a table on their rooftop terrace, which boasts stunning Drakensberg mountain views. Pair your meal with a fine bottle of wine for an unforgettable experience.

3. The Brewery (Bosveld Center)

A haven for craft beer aficionados, The Brewery offers a classic pub menu with a twist—think sushi options. Our go-to dishes include The Don pizza and the generously-sized Chicken Yiros. Keep an eye out for their annual craft beer festival, a must-attend if you’re in Hoedspruit.

4. Sleepers (Across from Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate)

A Hoedspruit staple, Sleepers is named after the wooden beams supporting railway tracks, a nod to its location in Hoedspruit’s old train station. It’s a popular gathering spot for locals and offers affordable, tasty fare.

5. For Coffee/Lunch: Hoedspruit Café and Keystone (Kamogelo Center)

Both cafes are conveniently located and offer excellent options for breakfast or lunch, accompanied by top-notch coffee. Hoedspruit Café recently expanded to include a roastery, so consider picking up some freshly roasted beans.

6. Hat and Creek (Across from Kamogelo Center)

This upscale dining option (website) in Hoedspruit is renowned for its steak and seafood offerings. It’s a favorite among those seeking a more refined culinary experience.

7. Coming Soon: Fine Dining at Zandspruit

Rumor has it that a new fine dining establishment is set to open in Zandspruit Commercial Center, complete with mountain views. While details are scarce, the prospect alone is tantalizing.

Keep an eye on this blog for the latest updates on Hoedspruit’s ever-evolving restaurant scene. There’s always something new and delicious to discover!

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