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About the Nomads den

Founded in 2021 by Pim & Veerle from The Netherlands, Nomads Den was created with the vision of offering reliable connectivity and comfort in remote locations. Construction was completed in September 2023, and it has quickly become the go-to spot for travelers seeking both luxury and connectivity. Experience life in this luxury villa in Hoedspruit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Nomads Den ensure internet connectivity?

Nomads Den boasts a 500 mbit fiber connection with a 100 mbit satellite back up through Starlink. If one of the connections slows down or fails, the other one will take over.

Every room has been fitted with its own Wi-Fi 6 access point. The desks additionally offer the use of wired ethernet connection to the network. Last but not least, the outside area is covered by a long range Wi-Fi 6 antenna to offer you the freedom to work wherever. Like in the pool.

Being a reliable place of connectivity in the African bush, it is essential to have back up power. Nomads Den does not experience load shedding and has an immediate back up system to ensure you can stay productive in the rare occasion of an outage.

With Africa being prone to drought Nomads Den has arranged for a reliable double water supply with a filter system to ensure every tap in the villa provides you with drinking water.

The whole villa is widely kitted with diverse plug points. The beds all have direct USB charging points. The desks have USB + European 2-pin, European 3-pin and South African 3-in options. 

The Nomads Den boasts a strong cellphone booster that covers the entire premises to ensure you are able to have calls and receive text messages.

Can I do the panorama route from the Nomads Den?

Nomads Den is the perfect starting point to do the Panorama Route. It’s easy and safe to self-drive the route but we are happy to book you a guided tour of the route that includes highlights like Gods Window, the Three Rondavels and the falls.

We are happy to assist with gamedrive or walking safari bookings on neighbouring reserves like Rietspruit or Pridelands; or for day-trips to the Kruger National Park. 

It is also possible to self drive, walk or cycle through the nature area at Nomads Den.

There are multiple great restaurants within 10 driving minutes of the Nomads Den. Try out great restaurants in Hoedspruit like Hogfather, Arugula, Sleepers, the Brewery or the Hat and Creek. Click here for a full list of restaurants in Hoedspruit.

Yes. Most shops are a maximum of 10 car minutes away. Hoedspruit offers supermarkets like Spar and PicknPay and a wide arrange of specialty stores to cater for all your needs. Click here for an overview of Hoedspruit shops.

Nomads Den is happy to assist with bookings of private chefs and butlers. 

Hoedspruit offers a wide arrange of activities. Think of horse riding, hot air ballooning, quad biking, animal sanctuaries, landmarks, boat trips and many more. Nomads Den is happy to assist with any bookings. Check this page for an overview.

Nomads Den offers in-house spa services upon availability of the therapist. 

Is Nomads Den associated with Homes of Africa?

No, the organization behind Homes of Africa is Dutch and run by someone named Pim, which might cause some mix-up. However, Homes of Africa and Nomads Den are entirely separate entities with no affiliation.

Nomads Den is situated on the exclusive river section of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, not in Zandspruit. We are fully licensed to provide short-term rental accommodations and own our property outright. This ensures a consistently high standard of amenities for our guests. On the other hand, Homes of Africa operates as a rental service, offering stays in privately-owned homes located in Zandspruit.

The Nomads Den is build to comfortably cater for 4 guests. It is not allowed to stay with more than 4 guests in the villa.

Guests that are not part of the booking are only allowed with approval in advance of Nomads Den.

As we have found our guests are treating the Nomads Den with great love and care, we have decided to not charge a security deposit.

A party is not allowed as this has too much impact on our wildlife and our neighbours. It is however fine to play music at a volume that can not cause inconvenience to our neighbours and wildlife. 

Please note that everything must be 100% silent after 22.00h as per estate rules. 

Smoking is only allowed outside of the villa. Please dispose of related waste by putting it with the trash once safe to do so. 

Unfortunately pets are not allowed per estate rules. 

Absolutely not. Feeding of wildlife interferes with natural behaviour and causes danger to guests and property. 

What is the view from my bedroom?
  • All rooms feature extra-high glass sliding doors, offering expansive and unobstructed views of the riverbed for a serene and inviting atmosphere.

2 bedrooms, both with ensuite bathrooms.

Both rooms offer a kingsize + (extra length) bed that can be converted into a pair of extra length twin beds.

All rooms have airconditioning, including the bedrooms. There is also a fan.

Yes, both bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom with toilet, walk in shower and vanity. 

  • Safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Towels
  • Linnen
  • A/C
  • Ceiling fan
  • USB chargers next to bed
  • Wi-Fi Access point
What appliances are available in the kitchen?
  • Oven/microwave combination
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Wine cabinet
  • Dishwasher 
  • XL Washing machine
  • Induction hob/cooker

Yes. The kitchen has been fully kitted and equipped with high quality cookware, ceramics and glasses. 

We offer the use of a large Weber barbecue and for those who are comfortable with it; a Big Green Egg XL. 

Yes. Every room at the Nomads Den offers AC and ceiling fans.

Nomads Den offers a smart TV with DSTV channels and easy integration with AirPlay and streaming platforms like Netflix.

The lounge offers a dedicated stand up desk with plugs and internet connectivity. The kitchen island is also a nice place to do work on and has plugs on both sides.

Where is the Nomads Den located?

Nomads Den is located in an exclusive part of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate with a panoramic view of the dry riverbed. Hence making it a more secluded and private wildlife experience. 

Guests will be given access to the private back gate, ensuring fast access by road to Hoedspruit town. 

A wide variety of antelope (Impala, Nyala, Kudu and more) is known to frequently visit the Nomads Den. Larger species include Zebra, Giraffe and Blue Wildebeest. 

The riverbed location of Nomads Den guarantees a broad diversity of birdlife frequenting the area.

Although the reserve is secured with a fence, it does occur that leopard, hyena and wild dog are sighted on the estate. Therefore we strongly advise not to walk through the reserve in the dark. 

  • We offer the use of a large Weber barbecue.

Yes. Nomads Den has a comfortable boma setup where you are invited to make a fire and enjoy the view of the riverbed.

Nomads Den offers you a private heated pool for a swim and to cool down. You can even work while sitting in the pool. 

Yes. The dining table offers plenty of space for both dining and work. There are easy accessible plugs spread out over the patio area.