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Heated pool in Hoedspruit – Luxury or Essential?

When looking for a house or accommodation in Hoedspruit, a question we often get is if a heated pool is necessary. And like many questions, the answer depends. Read more about why we added an energy efficient heat pump to warm the Nomads Den pool and our considerations.
Riverbed view from the Nomads Den

Why a heated pool in Hoedspruit?

Hoedspruit is warm throughout the year and sees temperatures often touching or surpassing the 30 degrees celsius. So why would you want a heated pool in an environment that’s so hot? As newcomers we asked ourselves that same question and at the Nomads Den we found out why. The private pool at Nomads Den is tucked away underneath two huge Marula trees. They provide nice shade so you won’t burn while having a dip. But at the same time, they prevent the water from warming up. So on average, the pool stayed quite cool. Which is not too bad on hot days, but on just a warm day (as in 24 degrees celsius), the pool would feel too cool to enjoy for a prolonged time. Hence we decided to add a heat pump to heat our Hoedspruit pool. 

Does that mean all pools in Hoedspruit need to be heated?

No, not really. So some pools are located with full and long hours of exposure to the sun, meaning they get a lot of warmth from just the sun. That will prolong the usability of the pool significantly without any heating. 

On the other side, those pools tend to get too warm in the Hoedspruit summers with temperatures surpassing 40 degrees celsius. In that case, a heat pump that can also cool the water, might be a great addition to your comfort. 

So long story short, no not all pools need heating or cooling. But this depends on size, water volume and positioning of the pool. 

Impact on energy consumption of heated pools

A big downside of a heated pool anywhere is the big impact on energy consumption. At Nomads Den we are countering this by implementing some more measures.

Nomads Den Villa Hoedspruit
Top down view of pool and boma
Private pool with a magnificent view at Nomads Den

We would recommend a heated swimming pool

After testing our heated pool over a prolonged time we would certainly recommend it in Hoedspruit. It allows us and the guests to enjoy more hours in the pool, no more cold shock when going in for a swim and those sundowners in the pool can now go on forever… Until your drinks are finished.

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