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Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a popular destination for safari and is home to many locals, tourists and animals in Hoedspruit. The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate offers security, a parcel office and many activities for guests. Like horse riding, cycling, walking and fishing. For visitors it is important to do some homework in regards to the best locations in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. More info down below.

What is the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate?

The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is a fenced area with about 450 properties where residents and guests can enjoy a safari lifestyle. The area is home to many different animal species, amongst which zebra and giraffe. About half of the properties are private homes, and the other half are bed and breakfasts, lodges, self-catering villas and guesthouses. 

Where can I stay in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate?

The Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate (official website) is very popular with safari travellers who visit Hoedspruit. There are many (100+) accommodations to choose from. The accommodations are spread out over the Wildlife Estate and range from guest houses, bed and breakfasts, lodges to self-catering villas. All catering to a different budget and a different audience.

What is the best place to stay in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate?

Without a doubt the accommodations in what is called the exclusive block form the best options for a stay in the estate. There are a couple reasons why they are the best:

  • No load shedding (continuous electricity)
  • Silence (the properties are on the far end of the wildlife estate, away from town, traffic and the railway
  • Privacy (there are only 14 of the 450 properties in the exclusive block and they all have larger distance to each other and face green zones)
  • Access gate (a private gate allows for a quick connection to Hoedspruit)
  • Riverview (some accommodations offer a view on the riverbed)

We recommend checking the location of your intended accommodation first to prevent accidentally booking something next to a busy road or without much privacy. The map of the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate below will help.

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Map
Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Map

What is there to do on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate?

The big benefit of staying on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is the freedom to go on safari as you please. You can drive, you can walk, you can cycle. There are even some mountainbike routes through the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate.

Some inspiration

  • Go on a self-drive safari
  • Walk, jog or run through the reserve and look at animals on foot
  • Fish (catch and release) in the Fish Eagle Dam 
  • Spot rare birds from the bird hide in the middle dam
  • Book a safari on a horse
  • Go out for food or drinks in one of the many restaurants

What animals are there?

The wildlife estate has a big variety of non-dangerous game. It has been a choice to not introduce the Big 5 as this restricts freedom of movement. Iconic species include:

  • Sable Antelope
  • Kudu Antelope
  • Zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Blue Wildebeest
  • Waterbuck
  • Warthog

Warning: Leopards on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

Some animals can not be restricted by fences and one of those is the leopard. This results in sightings of leopard on the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. Although this animal is one of the big 5 and high on the list for many safari goers, it does pose a risk to humans. Hence we recommend to not venture out on foot between sunset and sunrise.

Is it safe on the estate?

Hoedspruit in general is very safe, especially for a South African city. Within Hoedspruit the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate is considered to have the best security in town and is one of the only estates with a 24/7 security unit and full CCTV and sensors. Hoedspruit also has its own police station and a security and prevention initiative called farm watch.

Recommended accommodation in Hoedspruit

There are so many nice accommodations in the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. But we can certainly recommend Nomads Den when you want to be in the exclusive block, with a view on the river and in a luxury villa.

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Details

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate
Office 5 Admin Building
Rotsvy Road
P.O.Box 732

015 793 1188
015 793 1609

Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Map (PDF)

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