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Luxury Villa Rentals in Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit is an excellent holiday destination in South Africa being right amidst the Kruger Park and close to the panorama route. Renting a luxury villa might be one of the best ways to enjoy Hoedspruit and get the most out of your trip. There are a lot of villas in Hoedspruit and it can be difficult to select one, so we are here to help you with your search.
Aerial shot of the Nomads Den Villa in Hoedspruit showing the boma and pool.

The Charm of Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit is the fun and safe safari bubble in South Africa. The town is growing fast and many tourists come for a holiday in a villa. Some stop for a couple of nights on a big tour and others make Hoedspruit to be their main holiday destination and stay for prolonged times. Sometimes even more than a month. And for a good reason. The town is safe, offers plenty of choices for accommodations, has a growing number of restaurants and there is always something to do. But the main attraction is of course The Kruger Park and the panorama route.

Why choose a luxury villa in Hoedspruit

We have established that Hoedspruit is a great place to spend your holiday but why should you choose a luxury villa as your accommodation? We think it’s the very best way to experience what Hoedspruit is all about. You get privacy and intimacy in a luxury setting, where you decide on how to spend your day and what you eat and when you do what. Imagine sitting underneath the stars at your own fire, with the people you like and no-one else. Or what about jumping in the pool whenever you like and sipping on that perfectly chilled wine you prefer. The right luxury villa offers the freedom to enjoy the bush how you want to.

Features to look out for when selecting a Hoedspruit villa

We have put a list together of things to look out for when selecting a Hoedspruit villa to book your holiday at:

Nomads Den Villa Hoedspruit

5 more things to look out for

Blue Mountain Hoedspruit Restaurant
Blue Mountain Restaurant in Hoedspruit

Reasons to not choose a villa in Hoedspruit

As described there are a lot of very good reasons to book a villa when you are visiting Hoedspruit. But it might not be the best choice for everyone. The main reason to not book a villa is for those who want to have prepared meals at the accommodation itself. With a villa you either cook yourself, hire a private chef, get takeaway or go out for dinner. Hoedspruit has plenty of restaurants on offer but you will have to take a short drive to get there, whilst at a lodge you can be at a prepared dinner in a view steps.

Another reason not to book a villa is that not all villas offer packages or services, whilst most lodges offer game drives and spa treatments. It would be a shame to be in Hoedspruit and not go on safari. Many villas however do offer safari packages, spa treatments and game drives, so make sure to select one of those.

Prices of villas in Hoedspruit - expensive or cheap?

There are many options, but most luxury villas are catered towards a mid- to high budget. Which makes sense, as you get to use the whole property in stead of sharing it with other guests. However, a villa can be a lot more affordable than a lodge when traveling with families or groups. As costs can be split between more people. For couples we recommend to look at smaller 2 bedroom villas, as they still offer the luxury private experience, but are a bit cheaper than the larger ones.

To villa or not to villa

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand more of what to look out for when searching for Hoedspruit villas and whether a villa is right for your holiday. We certainly love staying in one, as long as it’s the right one! Nothing better than making a nice braai (barbecue) during sunset, with friends having a cold one in the pool and wildlife strolling by. A private paradise.

Massage Treatment at the luxury villa in Hoedspruit
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