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Panorama Route South Africa – Visitors Information

View over the Blyde Canyon from the Panorama Route

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When planning a visit to the Panorama Route it is important to understand that the section of the route with all the highlights is roughly between the Echo Caves and Graskop, which is a 78km stretch of scenic road. The official indication of the Panorama Route goes beyond Graskop, all the way through to Nelspruit and is about 170km long. There are no scenic stops however on that section. So this article will focus on the most visited and important section between Graskop and the Echo Caves. 

Visitors information for the Panorama Route

There is a total of 7 highlights on the Panorama Route that are very much worth a visit. Below we have collected essential information so you can better prepare for your visit to the different stops.

Panorama Route Stops

Opening Hours

Entrance Fee

Time spend

Official Website

Echo Caves


R85 per adult

± 90-120 minutes

Echo Caves Website

The Three Rondavels Viewpoint


R20 per visitor

± 10-15 minutes

No official website

Bourke’s Luck Potholes


R75 per SADC visitor / R130 per international visitor

± 45 minutes

No official website

Berlin Falls


R20 per visitor

± 10 minutes

No official website

Lisbon Falls


R20 per visitor

± 10 minutes

No official website

God’s Window


R20 per visitor + R10 per vehicle

± 30 minutes

No official website

Graskop Gorge


R65 per visitor / + R180 for the lift

± 60-90 minutes

Graskop Gorge Official Website

The Echo Caves

The Echo Caves are a beautiful interconnected couple of caves where you can take a guided tour (one of the nice guides is named Elvis) to learn more about this underground wonderland. It derived its name from one of the cave chambers where the old tribes used to use the formations as drums. Highly recommended visit.

The Three Rondavels Viewpoint

The Three Rondavels stop is a beautiful viewpoint over the Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve where the Three Rondavels from a recognisable highlight. The three formations resemble the old style of homes of Africa (called rondavels). The three rondavels are named after the three wives of former chief Mashile: Magabolle, Mogoladikwe and Maseroto. Just behind the rondavels you will see the highest point in this section of the Drakensberg: Mariepskop. 

Bourke's Luck Potholes

One of my favourite stops on the Panorama Route: Bourke’s Luck Potholes. It is one of the larger stops that allows for some exploration on foot. You will see beautiful views and the impressive results of churning waters that created smooth holes in the sandtone. The name is derrived from a gold prospector named Tom Burke, who had a claim in the area. Although he never found any gold, his name will always be remembered through this sight of natural beauty. 

The Berlin and Lisbon Falls

The Berlin Falls and Lisbon Falls are the two easy to reach waterfalls on the Panorama Route. I personally prefer the Lisbon falls as its view made a bigger impression on me, but both are very much worth a visit. 

God's Window

God’s Window is a beautiful viewpoint down into a cliff and derived its name from the natural beauty you can admire there. Just keep an eye on the forecast as you won’t be the first who sees nothing more than a lot of mist. But if you find it on a clear day, you will look far and deep into the Lowveld. 

Graskop Gorge Lift

The Graskop Gorge is a stunning ‘kloof’ (Afrikaans for Gorge) where a lift and boardwalk has been made to enable you to walk and learn about the unique ecosystem in the gorge. It is well worth a visit. And for the adrenaline junky there is the option to go either ziplining or doing a bungy jump like activity called: The Swing. 

Panorama Route - Kruger Park combinations

The Kruger Park and Panorama Route are closely situated to each other. Hence it is often a combined destination for travels in South Africa. We recommend to book accommodation in Hoedspruit if you want to combine the Panorama Route and Kruger Park during your trip. Hoedspruit is conveniently located in between the Kruger Park and Panorama Route, so from there it is easy to explore both. 

Accommodation on the Panorama Route

If you want to overnight on the Panorama Route there are unfortunately limited options as the stops don’t offer accommodation (except for the Echo Caves). Some visitors spend a night in Graskop, although we recommend to stay in Hoedspruit as it is a nicer town with better weather and already close to the Kruger Park

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