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Private Swimming Pool – A must when in Hoedspruit

Every local in Hoedspruit will likely agree. A swimming pool is an essential element of a happy life in this hot town. And what is better than a swimming pool? A private swimming pool.
Swimming pool at Nomads Den in Hoedspruit

It is hot in Hoedspruit

Hoedspruit is an amazing place to visit but one thing is sure: it surely gets hot! The weather in Hoedspruit is year round on the warm to hot side of the spectrum. South Africa winters are nice and warm and the summers can get very hot. So what better to tackle this than to have your own swimming pool?

Benefits of a swimming pool in Hoedspruit

So have established that the temperature in Hoedspruit is enough reason to have a swimming pool. Mainly to cool down on a hot day. But one of the other big reasons is that pools have a social value in town. Most pools are constructed with a bench like structure for friends and family to sit in their pools and have a cool drink with it to enjoy. Pool parties are a common thing here. 

So this is why you need a private swimming pool in Hoedspruit

Now most accommodations in Hoedspruit offer a swimming pool, but most of them are shared with other visitors. That’s still fine for just a quick dip to cool down, but a shared pool is not as nice as your own private pool. Here is why.

Nomads Den Villa Hoedspruit
Top down view of pool and boma
Private pool with a magnificent view at Nomads Den

So yes, you need a private swimming pool

Now where to find one? Well, your best bet is to rent one of the luxury villas in Hoedspruit. Most of them will have a private swimming pool. But be sure to check that before you book. Don’t forget to thank me when you are having your own private pool party.

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