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What is the African weather in Hoedspruit like?

Are you wondering about the best time of the year to visit Hoedspruit? When is it the warmest and when is it the coldest? When does it rain? Let me share my experience of the Hoedspruit weather over the past couple of years as a resident of perhaps the best town in South Africa.
Weather in Hoedspruit

Warmest Hoedspruit weather

The warmest season in Hoedspruit is summer. However, it’s important to note that summer in Hoedspruit is opposite to that in Europe, for example. Officially, summer runs from December 21st to February 21st, but in reality, it spans from October to March. Hoedspruit doesn’t experience the in-between seasons of fall and spring. Peak temperatures can reach as high as 41 degrees Celsius (105.8°F), often accompanied by welcomed rains for the animals and plants.

If you are looking for the warmest time of the year, make sure to visit between October and March. Also, consider booking accommodations with air conditioning.

Coolest Hoedspruit weather

Similar to summer, when locals, often called Hoedies, speak of winter, it generally refers to April to September, with the coldest months being June, July, and August. The coolest I have experienced it was about 14 degrees Celsius (57.2°F) during the day and close to freezing at night. Personally, I enjoy this time of the year as it allows for more outdoor activities during the day, and there is a lower chance of rain in the Hoedspruit area.

Wettest weather in Hoedspruit

The summer period is undoubtedly the wettest, creating a stark contrast in the bush. The heat and dryness make rain a joyous occasion for residents, animals, and plants alike. Dams need to fill up, and life depends on these rains. However, for your safari, it might not be the most comfortable experience.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023, we experienced very late rains in the season, with the majority falling in February, March, and even still in April. So far, 2024 has seen limited amounts of rain unfortunately. It’s likely that 2024 will be the driest year in a long time.

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Driest weather in Hoedspruit

The previous season saw the last rain in early May, and the first rains came again by the end of September. So, June, July, and August might be your best bets if you want to avoid getting rained out or if you are, as they say, made of sugar.

My Opinion of the local Weather

In general, you will rarely see Hoedspruit residents wearing jackets or long pants (we all love a ‘kort broek‘ here). The warm to hot climate makes it a very pleasant place to live. For me, it has been a delight to finally appreciate some rain (I originally came from Holland, where it is customary to complain about any rain). Most of the rain falls during the nights, and it rarely lasts too long.

Best Period to Visit Hoedspruit (Considering Weather)

  • If you like it hot: October – March
  • If you like it warm: April – September
  • If you like it dry: April – September
  • If you like some rain: October – March
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