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Kruger Park Accommodation Specials

Kruger Park Accommodation Specials

Looking for Kruger Park accommodation specials? We have special insider advice on how to find a good deal on your next safari in the Kruger National Park.

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How to find Kruger Park accommodation specials?

You can find Kruger Park accommodation specials by pre-selecting your favourite accommodation options and visiting their own websites. Most accommodations give specials, discounts and offers for direct bookings.

Why do accommodations give extra discount on direct bookings?

Booking Agents and operators are receiving a percentage on your booking. By motivating direct bookings, the accommodation doesn’t need to pay for those fees. Hence creating extra budget for a direct booking deal. 

Example of a Kruger Park accommodation special

Nomads Den always has a direct booking special running. The minimum they give is 10%, the highest (January 2024) has been a whopping 24%.

So what to do now?

Visit the website of your options, see if they have a direct booking deal and make a booking straight with them. That is your best bet on finding those unique Kruger Park accommodation specials. 

Pim van de Leur

Pim van de Leur

Pim van de Leur is co-founder of Nomads Den and a happy resident of Hoedspruit since 2021.

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