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African Horse Safari

Horseback safari

Explore the bush horseback

An African horse safari offers a unique way to explore the continent’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. Riders traverse savannahs and riverbeds on horseback, experiencing African nature up close. Guided by experienced riders, these safaris provide a safe and serene adventure. Whether spotting elephants, galloping with zebras, or enjoying stunning scenery, an African horse safari delivers an unforgettable wilderness experience.

Guided African Horse Safari

Having a guide during an African horse safari offers numerous benefits. Guides are experienced riders and wildlife experts who ensure your safety while navigating the diverse terrain. They enhance the experience by sharing in-depth knowledge about the ecosystem, animal behaviors, and local culture. Guides can spot and identify wildlife that might be missed by an untrained eye, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the surroundings. Their expertise also helps in handling any unexpected situations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable adventure. With a guide, you gain a deeper, more informative, and secure safari experience.

Book an African Horse Safari

Nomads Den works with experienced and safe horse safari guides who guide horse safaris close to the Nomads Den. They can cater to any skill level.  We are happy to book a horse safari for our guests.

Important Facts


Nomads Den, located within the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, offers easy access to African horse safari operators. There is one operating within this estate and another good one just 10 minutes away.