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Boat Safari

Safari on the water

Explore the Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve from a boat

A boat safari on the Blyde Dam Nature Reserve offers a serene and unique way to explore South Africa’s deepest dam. As you glide across the calm waters, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic cliffs and lush landscapes that surround the dam, including the highest tufa waterfall in the world. This peaceful journey allows for close-up sightings of diverse bird species, aquatic life, and occasional glimpses of land animals coming to the water’s edge. Ideal for nature lovers and photographers, a boat safari on the Blyde Dam combines tranquility with the thrill of discovering the natural beauty of this remarkable reserve.

Guided boat safari

A boat safari on the Blyde Dam Nature Reserve is greatly enriched by the expertise of a knowledgeable guide. These guides provide valuable insights into the unique ecosystem of South Africa’s deepest dam and the surrounding landscapes, including the world’s highest tufa waterfall. Their deep understanding of local wildlife, bird species, and aquatic life transforms the journey into an educational experience. Guides also enhance the safari by pointing out hidden wonders and sharing fascinating stories about the area’s history and geology, ensuring that every moment on the water is both informative and memorable.

Book a boat safari

Nomads Den works with the best boat safari operator on the Blyde Dam and we are happy to book our guests a boat safari.

Important Facts


Nomads Den, located within the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, offers easy access to a boat safari on the Blyde Dam. The start of the safari is ± 30 minutes from the Nomads Den and is easy and safe to drive yourself. It is also possible to book a transfer to the boat.