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Game Drive

South African safari from a game viewing vehicle

Explore the bush with a 4x4 safari vehicle

A game drive safari offers an exhilarating way to explore the wilderness from the comfort of a vehicle. With experienced guides at the helm, you’ll traverse diverse terrains, getting up close to a wide range of wildlife. The elevated vantage point of the vehicle allows for breathtaking views and photo opportunities, capturing the beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants. Game drives combine excitement with convenience, making them an ideal choice for families and groups, ensuring a memorable and accessible adventure in the heart of nature.

Unguided game drive

Going on an unguided game drive in your own car at Kruger National Park has its pros and cons. The advantages include the freedom to explore at your own pace, tailoring your adventure to your interests. It can be more cost-effective, especially for families or groups, and offers the flexibility of spontaneous stops and extended stays at favorite spots. However, the disadvantages include the absence of expert guidance, which may limit your ability to spot and understand wildlife behaviors. Additionally, navigating unfamiliar terrain without a guide can be challenging, potentially leading to missed opportunities and a less enriching experience.

Guided Game drive

A guided game drive in Kruger National Park or other Big 5 reserves comes with several pros and cons. The benefits include the expertise of knowledgeable guides who can spot elusive wildlife and share fascinating insights about animal behaviors and the ecosystem. The elevated vantage point of the safari vehicle offers excellent views and photo opportunities. Additionally, guided drives provide a structured and safe experience, ensuring you make the most of your time in the park. However, the drawbacks may include less flexibility in your schedule and routes, as well as potentially higher costs compared to self-driving options.

Book a game drive

Nomads Den works with multiple reliable and very experienced field guides capable of conducting a good game drive experience in Hoedspruit and the Kruger Park region. Nomads Den is happy to assist with booking a game drive during your stay.

Important Facts


Nomads Den, located within the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, offers easy access to game drive safaris right from your front door. You can choose to go on a self-drive adventure within the estate or have a safari guide take you to Kruger National Park or a nearby Big 5 reserve, just five minutes away. This convenient location ensures a great wildlife experience for all guests.