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Walking Safari

Explore the South African bush on foot

The most pure way to discover the bush

A walking safari offers the purest form of safari because it immerses you directly into the heart of nature, away from the confines of a vehicle. On foot, you experience the wilderness intimately, engaging all your senses to the fullest. The quiet rustling of leaves, the earthy scents of the bush, and the thrill of encountering wildlife up close make each moment authentic and exhilarating. Guided by expert trackers, you learn to read the land, understand animal behaviors, and truly connect with the environment, fostering a deep appreciation for the raw, untamed beauty of the wild.

Unguided Walking safari

It is possible to walk amongst South African wildlife without a guide. One of the best destinations for that is the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. When staying in one of the accommodations in that estate, you are allowed to go on a walking safari without a guide. This is allowed and possible because the estate doesn’t have Big 5. So there are no elephants, lions or rhino to pose a danger. That said, it is highly recommended to only walk during daylight and keep a fair distance of any wild animals. Although this is the most budget friendly way of going on a walking safari, it is also the one where you learn the least.

Guided walking safari

A guided walking safari offers numerous benefits, elevating your adventure with expert insights and enhanced safety. Experienced rangers share their deep knowledge of the ecosystem, helping you spot elusive wildlife and understand animal behaviors. This personalized experience provides educational insights into tracking, survival skills, and conservation efforts, making your journey both enriching and memorable. With a guide’s expertise, you gain a deeper connection to the wilderness, ensuring a safe and unforgettable safari experience.

Book a walking safari

Nomads Den works with multiple reliable and very experienced field guides capable of conducting a good walking safari experience in the Hoedspruit region.

Important Facts


Nomads Den is located within the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate. This enables you to go on an unguided walking safari right from the front door or go on a guided walking safari with a pick up at the Nomads Den. The safari guide takes you to the closest Big 5 reserve, which is only 5 minutes away.