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Jewellery workshop at Down2theWire - what to do in Hoedspruit

What to do in Hoedspruit – A full list

Hoedspruit is mostly known as a safari destination close to the Kruger National Park. But what more is there to do in and around Hoedspruit? These are recommendations from a locals perspective for when you are planning a visit to Hoedspruit.

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What to do in Hoedspruit?

There is a lot to do in Hoedspruit. You can go on exciting game drives to see wild animals or even walk around to see them up close. There are also places where they help sick or hurt animals, and you can visit these. Plus, Hoedspruit is near a beautiful area called Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve. Here, you can go on boat trips, walk around in nature, and see really pretty views. It’s a place where you’re sure to have a lot of fun, good restaurants and see many amazing things. See our full list of what to do in Hoedspruit below.

Down2thewire - Jewellery workshop

Support the conservation efforts of Down2thewire by joining them for a jewellery workshop. Make your own bracelet out of recovered snares.

Hot Air Ballooning

Admire the Drakensberg and the scenery of Hoedspruit from an aerial perspective.

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC)

Learn about the conservation efforts of HESC by booking a tour. See rare animals up close.

Hoedspruit Art Galleries

Hoedspruit is home to a lot of skilled artists. Admire the work at Warren Cary Wildlife Gallery.

Blyde Dam Boat Cruise

See the biggest green canyon in the world and one of the tallest Tufa waterfalls in the world from a boat.

Elephant Experiences at Jabulani

Get up close and personal with these magnificent animals.

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Home to the world famous honey badger Stoffel and many more special animals that have been rescued.

Kruger National Park

While guided tours are available, self-drive safaris are a popular way to explore this renowned park, offering sightings of the Big Five and other wildlife​.


Hoedspruit has multiple very nice mountainbike trails to go riding.

Private Game Reserves

Stay a bit closer to Hoedspruit and go on a guided safari (game drive or walking safari) in one of the private game reserves.

Farmers market

Every first Saturday of the month there is a great farmers market in town at the Zandspruit Commercial Strip.

Horse Safari

There are a couple operators for horse safaris in Hoedspruit.


Hoedspruit is home to a lot of good restaurants.
Pim van de Leur

Pim van de Leur

Pim van de Leur is co-founder of Nomads Den and a happy resident of Hoedspruit since 2021.

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